Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have enjoyed this day. I ended up staying longer at the hospital. They did my lab work and I had to wait for the results. So I was busy texting, I had a friend waiting to meet me for lunch. There was a lady also waiting in the waiting area with me. She would speak to me and I would converse back and then go back to my texting. A few minutes later she came and sat beside me, she said she felt moved to come and share with me that she has had several family members have cancer and survive. Including her mother who is 94 years old. We started talking and she asked me my name and said she would put it on their prayer list at church. When she got ready to leave she hugged me. Isn't it so amazing how God puts people in our lives.

My lab results were good, which is great, but still no explanation for my pain.

Left the hospital and met my friend at Atlanta Bread Company for lunch. The food was terrific and the company was awesome. We were able to get caught up on each others lives. She is also a cancer survivor and what a wonderful blessing she is to me. So funny, we just got reaquainted on Facebook just a few months ago. I believe God brought her back into my life because He knew what I was about to be going thru and knew she would be a blessing. God has surrounded me with such awesome people. All encouragers!

Well after a nice long lunch I was able to get a lot of work done. Then I sat outside with Carter and even went to the lake and watched him fish for a little while. I guess all the sleep paid off, because I came in and started cleaning. Did I overdo it? Probably, but I enjoyed myself. Tomorrow is round 3 of Chemo the halfway mark. I also see the medical oncologist tomorrow.

Well I am going to unwind and get a good nights rest. Have a super evening.

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