Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taking Time & Making Memories

Can you believe it is already Thursday? and July at that? This has been a very busy week and when it is busy time sure does seem to fly. I was just thinking, in less than a month Carter will be back at school. Yesterday he stayed home from day camp and we sat at the lake most the day. He would swim for a while then fish. He was so excited when the neighbors dog came over and went swimming with him. I decided to moved my office to the dock and worked while he had fun. A win win situation for both of us. Today, he went to Day Camp and they had a field trip to Jump N Jacks. They have indoor inflatable bounce house and slides. So he completely tired himself out today. Tomorrow might just be a day of rest for him.

The smoke from the fires are really bad here. We are having a time with allergies and the smoke seems to be adding to it.

What are your plans for the summer? Any trips planned? Father's Day Weekend we had a mini 24 hour vacation. We went to St Augustine FL and visited the Pier, ate at the famous Oasis.

Started the next morning off with a walk on the beach.
Carter had fun swimming. Then it was time to head back to our room and pack for our trip to Jacksonville Zoo to see the Dinosaurs. But of course we had to take a little detour and visit the Lighthouse.
Which Carter had to climb to the top with Dad.
So glad it was Dad and not me. I would have not made it back down. Somebody would have had to come get me. So after tiring Dad out we then continued our journey to Jacksonville Zoo. This was an adventure. Carter was so excited about going and seeing the Dinosaurs, BUT, when we made it to the Dinosaurs he was so scared. We had to explain that they were not real. Dad, of course, did not help matters,
After our little stroll and train ride thru the Zoo we were exhausted and were ready to return home. We did all of this in 24 hours. So you can have an amazing time in a short amount of time and make LASTING MEMORIES. Oh, two days later my Best Friend called and asked if Carter and I wanted to go to the beach her Sister has a Timeshare in Pompano Beach. So, of course, I said sure. Off we went for 2 days.

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