Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foods We Eat, Is there a connection?

Think about it - What are we eating? Is it fresh home cooked meals or some food made from a factory and put in a box? Do we really know what or how it is made with? We just trust it, buy it, cook it then eat it. This could very well be why we see increased health issues and concerns.

7 Months WOW!!!!!

Can you believe it??? Seven months since I have completed my treatment. I had a check up in September and all was good. On January 5th this year I had my 6 month check up, on January 23rd I received the call that rocked my world again - "your pap has come back abnormal, you will need to come back and have a biopsy done". So you can only imagine the emotions. Went the following week and they took 3 biopsys. I had my follow up appointment with my Radiation Oncologist, he explained I probably would never have a normal pap due to all the radiation. So I felt so much better. A couple days latter received my results from my biopsy and they were normal.

I have learned alot of things since my journey thru. Life after cancer is so different. Before I started my cancer treatment I had to attend a chemo class it was very informative and I was so glad I did. I have come to realize there needs to be an after cancer class. I have learned medications can cause a reoccurence. So important that your health care providers know your health conditions. That day I had my check up appointment with my radiation oncologist I was reading a magazine on life after cancer - foods - our diet can also cause a reoccurence. Now do you see the importance of starting a life after cancer class. Then today, I just was not "myself" it started last night, I could hardly hold my eyes open so tired, past couple of weeks having leg cramps, everytime I would stand up seemed like my heart was over working. I went to the dr to have them check my blood pressure. It was high, but my heart rate was even high, my normal was around 70 today it was 105. The nurse said I was dehydrated. I told her I find myself going all day sometimes without drinking anything. Before cancer I always would drink several glasses of water but now find myself not thirsty. She explained to me chemo sometimes interferes with our sensor that tells us we are thirsty.

I am now into researching the foods that we eat. I have started buying milk that is not injected with artificial hormones ( I buy organic juice for my son, organic rice. This is just a beginning. Be watching my blog I will be posting updates on foods and health concerns. I hope it will be educational and beneficial.