Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Watkins Products #HolidayBaking

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Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Three Step Follow-Up System

It's not about who you know, or what you know, it's about how well you know others that counts. Kody Bateman interviews Dr. Ivan Misner, the Father of Modern Networking. Dr. Misner is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. Dr. Misner will discuss in detail the "24/7/30 System". This system will allow you establish a powerful routine that will help you to make your networking efforts meaningful and successful. That's just a small part that you'll hear from these two amazing indivduals! #RelationshipMarketing #SuccessStories#IvanMisner #BNI

Friday, October 13, 2017

Leader Series with Pro 9 Maria Williams

How Do You Get Appointments with a 100% Success Rate

How do you get appointments with a 100% success rate? Today you'll find out how on this Edition of Relationship Marketing Weekly! Kody Bateman interviews International Best Selling Author and Network Marketing professional, Jordan Adler.
Jordan will discuss how at a very young age, reading books by sales legends Joe Girard, Tom Hopkins and Harvey Mackay influenced his life on the importance of developing a strong network and the power of a handwritten note. Jordan will give you his proven step by step relationship marketing strategy.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Doctor's Series with Dr. Gene Tynes

Dr Gene Tynes (dentist) speaks about periodontal disease, cardiovascular health and their combined link to oxidative stress. Great talk! 

Dr. Tynes is a member of many organizations including:
The American Dental Association
The Montana Dental Association/ Chairman of the continuing education comittee for many years.

The Academy of General Dentistry
The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
The Seattle Study Club/ Blue Ribbon Seminars
Honorary Fellow of The Pierre Fuchard Academy
And a Honorary Fellow in the International College of Dentists

He is a literature researcher not a primary researcher and has spent countless hours researching preventive medicine as well as preventive dentistry.

Dr. Tynes is an avid outdoorsman and has always had a passion for health and wellness. He chose dentistry because of the professions focus on preventive care.

Dr. Tynes was born and raised in Great Falls Montana, attended Montana State University and graduated with a degree in Business and Economics.

He later attended dental school at the University of Washington.

100 Year Old Woman Refuses to Retire After 76 Years in Network Marketing

Harriet Lonergan
Step Into Success – Harriet Lonergan turns 100 and has no intentions of slowing down.
The 76-year Direct Sales Consultant shares how the party plan sales model helped her earn extra income, have a social life and work her business around her personal schedule over the last several decades.
Direct Sales Trainer and author of Direct Selling for DummiesBelinda Ellsworth, sat down with Harriet to learn more about her 76 year journey in direct sales.
When Ellsworth asked the Minneapolis resident about her start in the industry, Harriet replied, “My dear, it was lucky. You’re going to hear me use that word a lot because I feel like I’ve been so lucky.”
Lonergan started her direct sales journey as an Avon Representative where she went door to door in her neighborhood with her baby collecting orders.
After representing a few companies, Harriet landed at home and entertaining product company, Princess House. This year, she is celebrating her 50th anniversary with the company.

“I remember that my father didn’t want me doing it because women weren’t working at the time. They stayed home. But I needed extra money and I wanted to do something with my life. And it was the beginning of how women saw how they could stay at home and do their work, but they had something extra they could work in.
And this party plan business was so perfect because it worked right into the time that you had to work. It was phenomenal,” shares Harriet.
Off camera, Harriet shared with Ellsworth, “Oh honey, I hate the word retirement. Why would I retire? What would I do?  You know, I can’t retire. I just have too many people that I need to reach and too many people that I need to help. There are so many people that are getting into direct selling, even today, and we just need to inspire them. It’s my job to keep them excited and teach them what to do. Oh honey, there are just too many people to love on to retire.”
About Step Into Success
Step Into Success is founded by direct sales expert and trainer, Belinda Ellsworth. Belinda Ellsworth and her team teach direct sales consultants and corporate offices the systems and strategies to build a successful organization, both offline and online.
Belinda Ellsworth is also the international best-selling author of Direct Selling for Dummies. Learn more about her here: