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10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Has Cancer

By Jane Bianchi

It's important to choose your words carefully when speaking to a cancer patient. Though you probably mean well, it's all too easy to accidentally insult someone. According to Barbara L. Andersen, PhD, a researcher and professor of psychology, two of the best things to say are easy: "I'm sorry you're ill" and "I'm thinking of you." In fact, sometimes gestures speak louder than words. For instance, sending flowers or watching TV with your friend can offer comfort. Every cancer patient has a different opinion and experience, of course, and many know that you do mean well. But to avoid putting your foot in your mouth, don't utter these next 10 phrases. Photo by Getty Images

1. "You are strong and will get through this." 
Jacki Donaldson, a 44-year-old cancer survivor and writer/editor in Gainesville, FL, says this sends the message that if you need to be tough to survive. And that's not necessarily true. "I personally like when someone meets me where I am and says, 'How unfair. You must be so mad.' These words validate my feelings and make me feel understood. Misery does love company. Misery does not always love the positive spin on tragic life events," she says.

2. "How are you feeling?" 
This might surprise you, since you may feel that this sort of phrase shows that you care. But here's the problem with it: "So many people ask patients that. It gets really old and annoying after a while," says Dr. Andersen. Also, keep in mind that the person probably doesn't feel so great, and asking this question only reminds him or her of that.

3. "Can I do anything to help you?" 
It's a nice sentiment, but it's too broad and, as a result, the patient will likely say no. He or she is probably too overwhelmed to think of a task, so suggest doing something specific for the person instead, suggests Teresa Rhyne, a 51-year-old lawyer and cancer survivor in Riverside, CA. Say, for example, "I'd like to bring you dinner. Would Tuesday or Wednesday night be better?" If you can't bring the person dinner, maybe you could buy groceries, take care of his or her kids one afternoon or give the person a ride to treatment. If there's a spouse or friend in charge of logistics, ask that person what you can do.

4. "How serious is the cancer?"
Don't ask detailed questions about the diagnosis or treatment plan. Other no-no's include: "How many chemo sessions do you have?" and "Are you getting radiation?" Your main concern should be supporting the patient, says Dr. Andersen. These types of questions may stress out the patient, since she may not know all the answers. Remember that some patients are more private than others, so don't pry-only discuss these matters if the patient brings them up.

5. "My grandmother/mom/sister/aunt/friend had cancer..." 
The patient's situation may remind you of someone else, but telling a story about a family member or friend who has or had cancer is simply irrelevant-and it's especially a bad idea if it's a fatal story. Lynne Feldman, 68, a lawyer and cancer survivor in Saddle River, NJ, says, "Telling me about Cousin Syd's current third round of chemo for prostate cancer didn't help me to process my diagnosis or make decisions about my own cancer treatment."

6. "I read an article in the newspaper that said you should..."
Please don't play doctor-the patient already has at least one of those. Says Dr. Andersen, "If someone wants information, he or she will ask for it." The patient is likely already being inundated with information and advice from a medical team, so your two cents about an article from a newspaper, magazine or online publication isn't necessary.

7. "Your hair looks good like that."
Anything that calls attention to hair loss or a change in hair color or texture or a wig due to chemotherapy is not recommended, says 50-year-old cancer survivor Sarah Dugo, a sales and marketing executive who lives in Charlotte, NC. "It's a devastating outward sign of being different and sick," she says. "People actually came up and rubbed my stubbly head!" Same goes for any comments about weight loss.

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8. "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." 
This phrase is commonly tossed around in hospitals. If you're religious, this might be something that comforts you. But if the patient isn't religious, this isn't going to make him or her feel any better, says Dr. Andersen. In fact, it's going to make the person feel uncomfortable. Before you say it, ask yourself, "Is this a comment about me or is it a comment that would be helpful to the patient?"
9. "I know how you feel."
The truth is, you never really do. "If you've been through a cancer experience, you may have an understanding, but unless you are going through the patient's identical experience, you have no idea what that person's experience is like," says Christine Clifford, a cancer survivor and the CEO and founder of in Edina, MN. Try to stay focused on the patient's needs and concerns.

10. "You must have done something to get it."
Believe it or not, someone once said that to Haralee Weintraub, 60, the CEO of a garment company in Portland, OR, when she had cancer. "I stopped talking to some people over their comments," she says. Dr. Andersen says she sees this happen a lot with lung-cancer patients-people will mention whether or not they smoked cigarettes, which isn't appropriate. Don't even begin to bring up the potential cause of the cancer, because that unfairly assigns blame to the patient.

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#BubbleBath #Avon #DIY 

1. Zillions of bubbles that leave NO bath tub ring.
2. Does a beautiful job on washing cars, mobile homes, caravans, trailers and boats.
Leaves a protective wax like coating - water marks wash off!
3. Laundry Detergent: Use one capful on regular loads, 2 capfuls if washing greasy work clothes. You won't need fabric softener.
4. Use for hand washing delicates.
5. Pretreatment for Laundry: Use your old spray and wash bottle. Mix 1/2 bubble bath and 1/2 water. Pretreat stains with a spray. For set in stains, dab on directly, Scrub stain with an old toothbrush, then wash. Great for ring around the collar and greasy work clothes.
6. Use to wash windows. Windshield Washer Solvent: Use when freezing
temperatures are not a threat. 1 1/2 capfuls per gallon.
7. Use to wash outside of appliances to cut kitchen grease.
8. Use to wash floors (but not wax floors).
9. Sink-dishwashing Soap: Your dishes will sparkle as well as your coffee pot, glasses and cook-wear
10. Use to give pets a bath (along with SSS).
11. Clean mirrors.
12. Use to shampoo carpets (whole room or a spot). Carpet Cleaning: Add 2 capfuls to large carpet shampoo machines it will even take out red wine stains.
13. Use to wash walls and ceilings.
14. Use bubbles and sponge to shampoo vehicle interiors.
15. Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures.
16. Cleans china
17. Dissolve 1/2 a capful in water to wash your plant leaves, they will shine. Then pour into soil as a fertilizer.
18. Upholstery stains come out by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath. Do not wet the sponge with water. Water may leave a stain, the bubble bath won't. Upholstery Cleaner: Use 1 capful for a 24 oz spray bottle filled with water. Scrub with brush against nap. Let dry. Vacuum and allow it to dry.
19. Clean your jewelry - even costume jewelry.
20. Splatter grease, oil or butter on a good blouse? Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let sit a few minutes and wash. No spots!
21. Wash Venetian blinds.
22. Wash paneling - no rinsing, no streaks.
23. Clean your eye glasses.
24. Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner.
25. Clean your painted or real wood cupboards.
26. Refill for liquid soap, mild on hands (add a touch of Skin So Soft Bath Oil).
27. Hair Shampoo.
28, Inside and outside the refrigerator - easy to wipe off and gets rid of odors.
29. Polishes all chrome household fixtures - because it's alkali it won't mark.
30. Cleans bathroom vanity and ceramic tiles - No water marks. Kitchen/Bathroom
floor: Add 1 capful to 2 gallons of water to mop floors. Add 1/2 capfuls extra for
very soiled floors.
31. Toilet Bowl and Tanks: Add a capful to tank occasionally to help reduce build up.
32. Cleans combs and brushes - leaves no residue.
33. Add to the children's wading pool makes for great summer fun and keeps the pool and the kids clean too!!
34. Use in the garage to test tires or gas lines for leaks.
35. Add to cleaning water for aluminum or vinyl siding, - repels dust.
36. After you've washed stuffed toys with this stuff, you'll hesitate to use anything else. Dry the toy inside a pillow case that has been knotted closed, and the toy comes out as close to new-looking as it will ever get.
37. Add baking soda to the bubble bath making a paste to create a slightly abrasive heavy duty cleaner.
38. Mop floors-cuts through many shoe marks (mix one capful with ½ sink of warm water).
39. Remove wax build up-use straight from bottle with scouring pad, wipe with dry towel.
40. Leaves fresh clean smell, from room to room different fragrances.
41. Leaves TV screen clean-no streaking-wipe with dry cloth.
42. Wash and clean cabinets in any room of home.
43. To get rid of snails -- equal parts of water & bubble bath -- spray on flowers – spray ONLY AROUND SOIL in edible garden areas.
44. Great for lawns. Fill plastic container with water and 1 or 2 ribs of Avon bubble bath then attach to garden hose and water lawn.
45. Excellent to water your flowers etc in the garden. Use the same as for your grass above.
46. Can be used as a baby shampoo.
47. Use as a bath or shower gel.
48. Use as face cleaner.
49. Mildew Remover: 1 capful to 24 oz. water. Cleans boat seats, bathtubs, showers, wall, etc.
50. Now that you're all finished cleaning, here's the best news: You can even use it to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath! (Helps cut down on the tub ring too.)

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The BossList #7: If something isn’t working, kill it

The BossList #7: If something isn’t working, kill it

Edition #7
Recap: Bosslist aggregates the best reads from creative entrepreneurs on their success and mistakes. It began as way for me to learn from entrepreneurs who bootstrapped. If you find an article that blew your mind, or just want to say ‘hi’, drop me a line.
Failure, the word itself is weighty and carries a lot of gloomy baggage – the perception of failure is to lose strength, to be unsuccessful, to fade or die away. I started two services this year and both gone into the dead pool. I will not bored you with my failures. Here are some interesting read and learning points on the topic of failure.  Read more at

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