Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What happen to the #News

There was a time I had the most utmost respect for the news media.  Over the course of the several years we have seen news go from being on at certain times of the day to being on all day long, to now they are a permanent fixture (or so they think).  They no longer report news, they now create news, manipulate news and instigate news.  It is has become very sad and to think these people are paid ridiculous salaries to do such things.  I believe we should cut out all the opinionated and speculations.  Anybody can do that and yes everybody is entitled to their opinions, BUT news is just that news, FACTS.   Most the time now when listening to the the so called news I hear, what is your opinion on that?  What is your speculation?  What do you think is going to come of that????  Seems to me they are trying to cause trouble and create more problems so they have News to report.

We need to turn off this so called News and turn on some Laughter.  #LiveLoveLaugh a lot more and let go of all of the #Drama.  Life is to short.

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