Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010

Five months since I have finished my treatment. I had been doing fairly well. Seems like the past month I have been more tired and bone pain. Not to mention pain from the site the tumor was located. I have been going thru post cancer (reminds me of post partum depression. I guess everything is finally hitting me what I have been thru this past year. I had a complete bone scan done on Friday so I should hear the results tomorrow. I just was reading my previous post and wow, it was as if I was reading about someone else.

I have an appt at the end of December with my Oncologist. January I have a recheck appointment with the GYN Oncologist and then in February a check up with the Radiologist Oncologist. So technically you are never really free. I will see the GYN Oncologist every 3 months for the first year and then every 4 months along with a chest xray. So they are very precautious, which I am thankful. With stage 3B cervical cancer your survival rate is 30%. I think having all this information in my head is not good.

Will I am going to rest some. I will try to update more frequently and share with you life after the big "C". I am suppose to be a guest speaker at a WOAMTEC meeting in January to help raise awareness of Cervical Cancer and also speak to a couple of newspapers as well. I will share and let you know how everything goes. Praying for great results on Monday.

Have a super evening.

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