Friday, June 29, 2012

Sugar Facts

Did you know that the foods we consume can contribute to inflammation and many other health issues?  I am still reflecting on what I learned last night at a Sugar Blues workshop hosted by Professional Business Women's Success Networking group Our Member Simone a Health Coach gave this very informative Workshop . I have made a change starting today with sugar ( - I am introducing organic sugar - not processed with chemicals or other foreign products that causes stress on my body and makes it hard to do what God designed it to do. Next on list to work on  I was shocked to learn how much sugar is in products we use everyday
give to our children.  Childhood diabetes are on the rise and as parents we have to learn for ourselves the facts about the foods we are feeding our families. 

I have heard and even stated myself it is so expensive to eat healthy.  Simone stated last night we can go ahead and pay a little extra now and eat healthier or pay more later in medical bills.  TRUE!!!!

Stay tuned....

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