Monday, February 24, 2014

Along My Journey In Life

In My Journey I am always looking to improve upon and learn new things.  So I am learning more and more about growing my online presence and helping my Avon Team grow.  I do have an awesome and amazing team.  I am always looking to help people who are looking for something more in their life to make a change, to do something different and make a difference.  With Avon I have found that I have been able to do that.  This past year over 90 people's lives were changed by me sharing this wonderful opportunity.  Just to give you a glimpse:  There were some that received $500 bonuses for achieving Fast Track to Unit Leader, Several $25 Bonuses given for sharing the opportunity with others and helping them start earning money with Avon, Some that earned Keurig Coffee Makers, Ipads, Tents, the list goes on...... 2013 had been an amazing year and 2014 is off to a great start we have had one complete Presidents Club and several still working on it.  It is very exciting here in our Avon world.  If you would like to join my awesome team go to use reference code valdosta I am needing to have Leaders all over.  Who is willing to take the challenge.

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