Monday, June 16, 2014

Send Greeting Cards To Appreciate What Others Have Done For Us

Send Greeting Cards To Appreciate What Others Have Done For Us

1. Thank them for their ideas – Appreciating the ideas from your friends is the most important you can do to reciprocate immediately. Sometimes just one idea can help us to improve our lifestyle for the better. Friends are always able to help us identify our blind spots much easier.
2. Thank them for the meal – Our appreciation to the others for their time and resources spent on the meal is not to be underestimated! Send a card to thank the next person who give you a treat!
3. Thank them for helping out – There are times where we are fixed in certain situations and couldn’t figure out a straight-forward solution and someone just comes along and give us a helping hand. Does this sounds familiar? Send that person a card and thank them for appearing at the right time, at the right place!
4. Thank them for going the extra mile – Not all the people around us is willing to go the extra mile especially in their daily routine work. I always believe that the person who is willing to go that extra mile (or even extra inch!) just for us deserve our appreciation! Send the person a card =)
5. Thank them for their gifts – I believe all things we received cannot be taken for granted. Sending a card with a photo showing you with the gift thanking the giver will make them smiling at least for the whole day!
6. Thank them for their guidance – It takes more than an extra mile for us to give a valuable advice which is relevant to someone. So start appreciating the advices that you receive from someone especially your mentor! Send them a card!
7. Thank them for organizing an event – If you have been involved in organizing an event, you would know that it is not an easy task. Treasure and appreciate the effort that the organizer put in for the event next time you attend one. Send them a card with a photo showing how successful is the event!
8. Thank them for honesty – Actually the most valuable comment comes from someone who is direct and care for us. These type of comments often comes direct in the face but is important for us for our self-development. Accept these feedback and send them a card for being honest! You wouldn’t want to lose them in your circle of friends! These are the people who will make us to become a better person!
9. Thank them for coming over – If your friend happened to drop by your area and meet you up, it means they have you on their mind! Send them a card to thank them for thinking of you =)
10. Thank them for their thank-you cards – There are not many people who are sending thank-you cards these days. So the next time you receive one, return a thank you card thanking them for their thoughts!

Send To Build Relationships With Your Clients

11. Thank them for their referrals -Besides thanking them, it is also very important to give them an update of the deal. Is it still in progress? Or already considered deal done? Sending a card to thank them for the referral and keep them updated is a great way to encourage more referrals!
12. Thank them for repeated business – Repeated business means that you have now one more client who likes your service! This client may eventually become your top referral source, so start appreciating their effort and give as much help as possible to these group of clients.
13. Thank them for making an introduction – We all depend on our network to know someone who we want to know but can’t reach out to. Hence, it is very important to thank the person who make a valuable introduction and link you up with someone you always want to connect with. Send both parties (the introducer and the new contact) a card!
14. Thank them for invitation to a networking event – A networking event gives you tremendous opportunities to meet like-minded people. Send the organizer a thank-you card and encourage them to have more of such events!
15. Invite them to a networking event – You can also use the card as an invitation to invite your business associates for a networking event! Most people don’t give much attention to email invitation nowadays.
16. Thank them for using your products – The is the most common way of sending thank-you cards for business. Nevertheless, always send someone a card and thank them for making the right decision on their purchases =)
17. Thank them for their feedback – Most business owners are too busy with their own routine and seldom take time off to advice or help out other businesses. If you happen to know someone who consistently care about your business and often give you great advice, do not hesitate to send them a card!
18. Thank them for meeting up with you – Time is precious and the reason why someone spent one or two hours of their lifetime with you tells you that you mean a lot to them. Always send a card after meeting up with someone and thank them for their time!
19. Thank them for their inspiration – We receive inspiration from difference sources. Sometimes, it just comes from anyone around us. If someone gives you an inspiration either through their action or words, appreciate their presence and send them a card for the light-shedding moment!
20. Thank your long-time clients – I have missed out this great opportunity in the past and I would not want you to have any regret as well. Do not take people who have supported you from the beginning for granted. Don’t just send them a card, send them gifts and pleasant surprises as well =)
21. Thank them and ask for the next appointment -There are some clients who tend to miss out emails so sending a card to thank them and at the same time, schedule the next appointment will help them to give priority to your appointments.

Send To Congratulate Others

22. Congratulate your friends for their promotions!
23. Congratulate your friends for winning a prize!
24. Congratulate your friends for appearing in the news (for good reason)!
25. Congratulate your friends for coming up top in competition!
26. Congratulate your friends for getting certified for new proficiencies!
27. Congratulate your friends for their new websites or blogs!
28. Congratulate your friends for their newborn babies!
29. Congratulate your friends for switching careers!
30. Congratulate your friends for starting their own businesses!

Send To Spread The Good News

31. Send to inform about your new business!
32. Send to inform about your new career!
33. Send to inform about your newborn baby!
34. Send to inform about your new certification!
35. Send to inform about your new address!
36. Send to inform about your promotions!
37. Send to inform about getting engaged, or married!
38. Send to inform about a rare opportunity!
39. Send to inform about a new cafe nearby and call for the next gathering!

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