Sunday, December 30, 2012

Awesome 13 Hours Opportunity

It's 2013 and we're giving you 13 hours of FREE!

New Year New You New Consultant Time...

Oh Yes! We're doing it again!

For 13 hours on New Year's Day (9am to 10pm EST)

Sign up as a Do You Bake Consultant for $ 0 !!

NOW is the time to join.

It costs nothing to become a Do You Bake? Consultant for 13 hours.

Here are the rules and here's what you get:

Happy LUCKY 13 New Years WISHES from Do You Bake?!

We welcome 2013 with 13 lucky hours to sign up for no cost!
From 9am to 10pm EST you can become a Do You Bake? consultant for no cost and no obligation at all!

With this special New Years Day sign-up you get:
-NO QUOTAS to stay active (note: if you wish to make downline commissions, you must adhere to the quota listed in the Policies & Procedures) WOW! Jump in with both feet or ease in slowly. The choice is yours and there is no stress to meet any quota.

-NO COST WEBSITE! You can collect online orders through your own page for an entire year with no cost for the website. Until December 31, 2013 you have a free website! THIS IS GREAT! Advertise online. Spread the word. Love getting that email saying that you just got an online order which means commissions to you!

-Do You Bake? back office to place your orders (ALWAYS FREE)

-Listed in search on website (ALWAYS FREE)
-You may buy a SPECIAL PACKAGE of items to get you rolling on your first few parties or events. This special low cost package is available only from January 1 through 3. You cannot purchase this package after this time period. Existing consultants cannot purchase this package. If you opt not to purchase this package you cannot purchase another new consultant package in the future. See below for this great offer. This offer is available after you officially sign-up as a Do You Bake? consultant and is ordered through your back office only. When ordering through your back office, be sure to COMPLETE the purchase. Simply charging your credit card does not complete the order. If you have questions go to our Facebook consultant-only page for help or ask your up-line.

During this free sign-up, only one consultant is allowed per address. More than one consultant cannot sign up from the same address and an active consultant cannot sign-up people living in the same household.

All this...and all you need to do sign-up using the special LUCKY 13 NEW YEARS SIGNUP

sign up at

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