Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hope this is not to BOLD of a request

As many of you know I was diagnosed with stage 3B enodcervical cancer in April of 2010. Before my diagnosis I was the bread winner in our family. My husband is in construction. Since I have been cancer free I have had developed other health issues that prevent me from working. During this time my husband has been out of work the majority of the time due to the economy and his field of work. He has just recently started a new job which is great. BUT - over this period of time have financially exhausted every bit of resources.

This is the beginning of December and already have way more month than paycheck to pay bills not to even consider thinking about Christmas. I say all this not asking for anything but may suggest if you are looking for Christmas gifts visit one of our pages and if you see something you like please shop.

Our Sites are as follows -
Mia Bella Candles and more
Do You Bake/Mr Baker

Thank you for shopping and helping our family.

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