Friday, March 7, 2014

Fundraising With Avon

Call me for all your fundraising needs. Are you as tired of candy and wrapping paper as I am.  Everyone uses Avon. Who doesn't use shampoo, deodorant or perfume. That's why Avon is the perfect fundraiser. Avon offers fundraising fliers, each featuring a selection of our best-sellers. These exclusive fundraising fliers make your Avon fundraiser very easy to facilitate.
Best of all with me your organization will earn 40% (excluding *items which are specialty items)
Take the burden of fund-raising off you and your organization! With an Avon Fund-Raiser:

* There’s minimal paperwork to complete.
* No need to buy merchandise up front.
* No door-to-door selling. Participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors and friends, and still produce a profitable fund-raiser.
* The average Customer order is over $15!
* Your organization can have its money in hand in as few as three weeks.

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