Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make The Decision That can Change Your Life

Make the Decision that can change your life!
Work from home, be your own boss.

Benefits Include:
• Discounts on your own product orders (Free Website)...
• Ability to purchase new products and demos at discounts up to 60%
• Scholarship opportunities
• Savings Plans
• Different Career Paths to choose from with room for growth
• Advanced training is available
• Group rate dental and medical discounts
• Discounts from a variety of merchants (Sprint PCS, Hertz, Carnival Cruises, hotels, etc.)
• And much more!

Here are the facts:
• You are guaranteed up to 50% earnings on your first order, and up to 50% earnings on your 2nd through 4th orders of only $50 or more! Thereafter, your earnings range from 20% to 50%. (based on online order submission)
• You will have a ton of free online resources provided, including the ability to place all of your orders, check inventory status, look up product information, and make payments online.
• There are no mandatory meetings to attend. Attending district meetings is optional. You can be, literally, your own boss.
• You purchase your products directly from the company. There are no shipping fees for your orders to be sent to you!
• Several incentives and prizes are frequently offered.
• You can start your own business for the cost of the start-up kit, only $10.00. Your start up kit has everything you need to begin your business and start taking orders!
• With me as your Leadership Representative, you will have all of the support you need to become successful and earn the profits you want.

You could start selling Avon right now to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and people you meet on a daily basis. If you desire, I will be with you every step of the way!

Please contact me to get started with Avon!  Or go to http://start.youravon.com  use reference code valdosta  to get started now anywhere in the United States!


Avon Advanced Unit Leader

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