Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Find Yourself Explaining Away, Making Excuses....... STOPPPP!!!!!

When my older children were younger I use to make excuses for their dad as to why he was so hurtful, hateful.  I would say "he doesn't know how to love" "no one ever showed him love" "We have to show him how to love".  Sound familiar?  All your co workers so excited about the weekend, on the inside you were thinking I can't wait for Monday.  Saturday morning comes you wake up in a great mood but don't dare move, you wait to see how your spouse wakes up, if they wake up in a good mood it's great (very rarely, but you are always hopeful) if they wake up in a foul mood you are planning your strategy on how you are going to tend to their every need to make them happy so you can make it through the weekend and have some kind of I know what but something.  

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