Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Such a lazy day. A great day to do absolutely nothing but rest. Raining outside, watching classic movies and resting. My oldest son and family has come over and brought food to grill out. My Son in Law is here with my 3 grandbabies. All four of my Grandbabies are hear so Carter (my youngest son) has someone to play with and be entertained.

I have found something that I truly love to eat - Frozen Grapes. Who would have thought something so simple would be so good and good for you. Since I have finished my cancer treatment in July of 2010 I have been working on improving my immune system and my cells. Chemo and Radiation takes so much out of you not to mention the weight gain from my treatments. I found out a few months after my treatment that cancer patients (or anyone really) should not eat processed foods. So I during a visit to my primary care physician I learned about The Center for Medical Weight Loss. I joined it in May. I had a complete blood work up and found that I needed Vitamin B12 (anyone that has gone thru cancer treatment should check into getting the Vit B12 shot. There are so many benefits. Also, found that my Vitamin D was low. Thru this program I have lost 20 pounds and still losing. I feel so much better since I have started this program and am no longer putting foods into my body that does not have any benefits. I have learned we eat for pleasure and should be eating to survive and feed our bodies only what it needs. I have lost over 10 pounds of pure fat and have maintained my muscles. Most time when we diet we tend to lose muscle. As we age it is so important to maintain our muscles. If you are interested in finding out more about The Center for Medical Weight Loss just click on their name and you can search for a location near you.

Have a super day and enjoy this day with your family and remember to relax!

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