Saturday, September 24, 2011

It has been a while....

since my last post. We are adjusting to having 4 children in the home. It has its challenges for everyone. Just when you think you have a moment to sit down they are crying about what one of the others is doing. So we are adjusting. We also have been working on their bedroom and putting their personal belongings up that we have received. So it feels more like home to them. They all need so much love and a stable environment. I have learned I can no longer procastinate about getting organized. This is a MUST!!!!! Learning to be more fugal. We go thru a gallon of milk in 2 days or less. Laundry never ends. We enrolled our oldest Granddaughter in school last week and of course there is an obstacle to overcome, she gets off the bus at the same time Carter has to be picked up. Luckily right now Wayne works that way and I can go wait for her to get off the bus then pick up Carter. Our 23 month old Grandson expresses himself by hitting and bitting them. So I am off to gather coupons for diapers, work on cleaning and laundry (since these never end I can't say finishing up, lol)

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