Monday, September 5, 2011

Ovarian cancer survivor highlights awareness

Being an ovarian cancer survivor, I'm committed to writing an article on this devastating illness each September -- ovarian cancer awareness month.

I'm always hoping to report a breakthrough, but so far I've had to be pacified with the baby steps of research while 15,000 women each year die from this disease.

Although ovarian cancer typically isn't found until an advanced stage, it isn't due to a lack of symptoms. Typically viewed as a "silent" disease, ovarian cancer is actually noisy. We just tune it out.

Early signs and symptoms are vague, but a recent research study pinpointed a cluster of symptoms that occur more frequently in women with ovarian tumors, especially if they appear suddenly or last over an extended period of time.

This triad consists of abdominal bloating, increased abdominal size, and urinary urgency.

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