Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday June 30th

Can you believe June is on its way out. My life seems to have been a big blurr since 4/15/10. It is like today the lights are on and I am ready to go. This is my last treatment. Yesterday was pretty rough. I had to have a unit of blood due to my hemoglobin being to low. I had been so tired and not able to do much of anything so hopefully that took care of that. The cesuim implant went fine yesterday, but the pain was terrible due to still being sore from the last one. They finally got my pain under control by 8:30 last night. Then I had problems with my blood pressure being to low. Today it is doing better. Possibly will get to go home this afternoon.

I am already starting to fill my July Calander for MK parties. Time to get busy. I am looking forward to building my team. So I am looking for sharp women who are looking for a great company to join and earn extra income. I have a passion for helping other women and even more so now. I am looking to start scheduling interviews next week, and I will have a thank you gift for each person who attends an interview with me.

Pray you all have a super blessed day.

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