Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting in the doctors office is never easy, especially for a cancer patient. It is like someone else has the keys to your life. As you are sitting there waiting for the doctor to come and tell you your results. Up to now you have been doing good, BUT now, while you are waiting, all you can do is think and wonder, praying that all is good. Then guess what? Here comes the "WHAT IFS" again. Your mind starts giving you scenarios of what the doctor will say when he comes in. Everything is based upon those test they ran and now you are awaiting the results... What are they???

Well, today was that day for me. Finally my Medical Oncologist comes in this morning and says everything looks good and hands my my CT report and lets me read it - "No signs of recurrance"!!!!!!! That was all I needed to read. Chest Xray has not changed. Now you can breathe and smile. As I left the office and returned to the waiting area for my next appointment. There was a couple sitting there holding hands. The wife was telling another person that her cancer has returned and she is beginning another journey her husband said she was 20 months out, not even 2 years, before her cancer returned. All I can think about is praying, prayers going up for her and all cancer patients and caregivers.
Then after I get home I hear of another person I know, the cancer has returned. Reminders of how precious life.

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