Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A call from a friend...

I received a call from a very dear friend last night.  The phone rings and I answer and we says our greetings.  I then ask how are you doing, she says fair.  I could tell from her voice she was not herself.  I said, umm I don't like the sound of that, what is going on.  She asked if I could do her a favor, I said of course.  Her Husband had just been diagnosed with lung cancer.  Right then I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach.  These are not the words you like to hear.  Unfortunately these days I am hearing them more often.  She requested that I put Him in my prayers and I agreed and also said I would get the prayer warriors on this immediately.  I know how awesome it was for me to know I had people I did not even know, and they were PRAYING for me.  He has already begun the "what ifs", you see her Sister passed away 5 months ago from lung cancer.  As a cancer patient that makes it hard when you personally know someone that has passed from this horrible disease.  BUT, our mental state is so important.  We have to realize each person is designed uniquely, therefore each circumstance will be different.  So, any of you that are reading this and believe in the POWER of PRAYER please lift this person up in prayer.  I have another dear friend that I went to high school with and also during my journey she was always there to encourage me.  Now is on a journey of her own with her Husband who is also in a battle with cancer.  I just request that we cover them with PRAYER as well.  See, you just don't never know who will begin their journey thru this horrible disease.  It does not stop there, another sweet and dear person to me has begun her journey recently with lung cancer, she has never smoked in her life.  Just know that cancer can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime.  I never thought I would be one of those people receiving that call or hearing the doctor say "You Have Cancer" as well as my dear friends. 

This is why I am participating in Relay For Life and have started my own fundraiser - all proceeds (profit) from my sales thru April 27th, 2012 will be donated to Relay for Life.  If you are not familiar with the American Cancer Society, take time and visit their site.  They do so much.  I know during my time of need they were there for me and still are today.

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