Friday, March 2, 2012

Let Down Again

This has been a week.  I have children that have been let down again.  Last weekend the Grandbabies got to see their Dad and stay the night with him.  They also got to meet his new girlfriend and was told they were going to have another baby Brother or Sister.  The Dad said he is ready to be with his children again.  Words are so cheap.  Action speaks louder than words.  It had been two months since they had seen their Dad or Mom.  Well guess what a week has gone by and not even a phone call.  All week the middle Child kept asking to go to her Dads.  She even had a dream that her Mom and Dad came over together.  Then she said they fight all the time.  The Dad has not changed, he has already punched a hole in the wall of his new place, and talks to his new girlfriend the same way he did his Ex.  Don't see this lasting long.  Pretty sad though, here she is expecting her first baby and so excited and here he has 3 other children that he does not have the time to see.  Oh yea, Mom called Monday first time they talked with her in two months.  They just begged her to come and see them.  That did not happen.   All I can do is just love them and encourage them.  Just sometimes you wonder what are people thinking?  Or maybe that is just it, they are not thinking.

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