Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment

Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you have had chemo and are having cognitive issues that have lasted more than a year or have gotten progressively worse it is time to see a Neurologist or Neuropsychologist. Don't let people tell you it is normal to always be forgetful. What is normal is to ocasionally be forgetful. You probably will have other symptoms as well. People are always tellimg me "oh that is normal, I can never remember anything".

I have numbing sensation in my head, my mind is like a chalkboard that has been erased at times. This has caused me to withdraw and stay home. I use to be always on the go. Love socializing, now more depressed and frustrated because I know it is not normal and don't know what is going on. Now since I have had my appointment with the Neurologist it brings up more concerns. Praying that there is no tumor (of course that is my first thought) or not a stroke. Something is causing a lack of bloodflow to the brain or it could be a deficiency.

Anyways, people will continue to tell you it is normal and it is your age. I say GARBAGE, I am not old and a person my age should not be having these symptoms this is something that would affect you about 10 years from now. So pay close attention to your health and YOU will know when something is not right. Chemo is such a harsh drug noone truly knows what it can do. Each persons body handles things differently. I had allergic reactions to mine. I remember after having 2 allergic reactions of being scared of what it would do to me the next time. Luckily my doctor was on top of things and changed my chemo he said we know what it is doing to the outside of your body but we cannot see what it is doing on the inside.

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