Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you in Direct Sells?

A friend of mine invited me to this group Up 4 Grabs and you know of course I am a little slow so things take me a little longer to understand how they work. I finally joined it is a lot of fun. So here is the information: Here is an up and coming new group you just HAVE to check out! Up 4 Grabs is a great place to promote your business, network and get extra sales each month!! Are you in Direct Sales? Can customers order online? Do you have products $20 or under? This group is for you! Why this group? • You will only need to make one initial purchase. • You can advertise for several companies • The Grabs, Games & Chains are not mandatory, but they are a fun way to get extra sales. Only your $20 initial purchase (within 24hrs) is mandatory to join • No limit on companies and No limit how many business you have! • We do not do “Monthly Grabs” we do Flash Grabs (done in 72hrs), can happen anytime Up 4 Grabs was created to help support others in direct sales as well as gain new customers and sales for yourself. Each Active Member may create a photo album to advertise their business. We offer flash grabs, many different games and chains as a fun and creative way to boost your sales. We also have many threads that offer helpful tips to have a successful business. There are places to advertise your open parties, party swaps, facebook pages and to request catalogs from others. We are always adding to and improving the group and suggestions are always welcomed. The only mandatory purchase required to join is the Initial Purchase of $20 (before shipping and tax) from the person who referred you to the group. This is done as an incentive for our Active Members to refer others to the group. After you make your Initial Purchase, you will then become an Active Member and are free to advertise, play games and refer others. Referring others is a GREAT way to get extra sales and help build up Membership in the group! Say Karen Byrley Sent you go to ..

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