Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I love most about Direct Sells

Yes, call me different. I take great joy in being different. I enjoy meeting different people. You never know who you are going to meet and what I think is so great about that is each person has a story, a chapter in this thing we call life. I enjoy not just meeting people but getting to know them. Thru my journey I have met so many people that I would not have ever met if I was not doing what I do. How boring would that be? Sometimes we can lock ourselves into our own little world and miss experiencing life thru the eyes of others. The world is such an amazing place and it so awesome to see it from other views. It is like opening up the window and seeing things you never knew existed.

I met someone this morning to deliver them a catalog and in talking found their home had caught fire and they were needing to replace their products that were damaged. Wow, did you ever think that only you have circumstances? When you get out and meet others we learn this is life and everyone has their challenges. It is when we get out and greet the world life's challenges become just that, a challenge not a problem. They only become problems if we let them. I am always up for a good challenge. Being in direct sells is also a challenge. You are challenged everyday as to what you are going to do with it.

So what I love most about Direct Sells is meeting the people. You say "what about the money"? That comes automatically if you are meeting the people. When you do things from the heart you can't go wrong. You have to find your WHY and enjoy it. There was I time I knew no one, I was just that person that blended in with the group and never talked. Now you can't get me to be quiet. Loving life and living it to its fullest, truly blessed beyond anything I could imagine. So thankful and excited about who I am going to meet next.

Have a super Tuesday and remember to smile and enjoy today.

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