Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bon Jovi "Unplugged"

I attended Home for the Holidays tonight by Avon and WOW! Got to preview the Bon Jovi "Unplugged" fragrance for Her and for Him. Loved it!

In case you missed some of the headlines regarding Bon Jovi Partners with Avon for New Fragrances I have posted headlines and their links.

Jon Bon Jovi Going 'Unplugged' for Avon Fragrance

Jon Bon Jovi Partners With Avon for 'Unplugged' Fragrances Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/blogs/thread-count/jon-bon-jovi-partners-with-avon-for-unplugged-fragrances-20120702#ixzz26Ds9HcxS

Jon Bon Jovi partners with Avon for new fragrances
This product will be available soon, Soooo stay tune!!!

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