Thursday, May 27, 2010

3rd chemo treatment down

Wednesday was my 3rd chemo day. I started off really good. I had a friend come and sit with me during my treatment so we had a great visit. I am so thankful she was there and really enjoyed our visit. She brought me home afterwards.

Once I got home probably within an hour I was in the bed sick with flu like symptoms, headache, etc. Not a normal reaction for me after chemo. By midnight I was running a fever. Several of my friends on Facebook prayed for me and I am so thankful. I woke around 5 with a low grade fever and took some tylenol and by 8 by fever was gone. I have since then broke out in a rash and my face and ears are on fire. So on more meds (something I don't like) but hopefully they will work.

So it is Thursday and I am in the bed again. But I am getting closer to being done. On Tuesday they are going to put in a pic line so I will not have to keep getting stuck. So I am dealing with that so I will be ready on Tuesday. Good news is I have 3 days off radiation due to the holiday Monday. So I will have a little break. Well I am going to rest some more for now, Have a great afternoon.

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