Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just some thoughts.....

You know when you are given the diagnosis of cancer your first thoughts are oh know this can't be. Then you see the doctor who gives you your stage and if it is curable. I remember that day talking with my Gyn Oncologist and he is telling me I am curable not to be upset. This can be cured. So you get peace about yourself and know it is curable. So you prepare yourself for the road ahead. They write you a prescription for a treatment plan. I think okay I can do this I will take these treatments and at the end I will be cured. What they don't tell you is the in between and the what if's. I do understand why. You have to be so positive through this entire plan. I have to push the what if's out everyday. On Wednesday when I had the reaction to the chemo, boy did that send up a bunch of what if's. What if the next time it is worse. What if my body can't handle anymore of this drug? These are the thoughts I have to push out of my mine. I cannot allow them to take up residency in my mind because it will allow poison in and interfere with the treatment. Sometimes we can be our worse enemy. I say all this for a reason believe it or not. You have to be positive! Not a time to focus on anything negative or listen to anyone who is negative. If you know someone who is in this fight please encourage them to be positive. When people are negative that is the worse thing someone can do or be around someone in a fight for their life. There are some wonderful support groups. CancerCare; American Cancer Society, just to name a few. And of course our Heavenly Father.

I have recevied several cards and letters not just from individuals but also from Church's all over that they are praying for me. I cry everytime I open one. Just knowing that someone or people are praying for me! That is an awesome feeling and I am so thankful.

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