Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Monday Morning 5/24

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Made some good memories with the family. All in all I had a terrific weekend. I have been basically in the bed since Friday. I guess God knew I must of needed to catch up on alot of rest that I have depleted my body of over the years. I have never been one to just sit still, but have learned to do so. Now teaching my body to accept it is another thing. I have decided on good days to do a little more exercise so my body does not get so sore from being still. Our bodies were not made just to sit or lay. Carter was sick on Saturday with a stomach virus and then I had a severe headache and then on Sunday Headache and severe nausea. So I think I ended up with what he had so it had me in the bed a little longer. I have learned that my husband truly does love me. Wow, he has waited on me hand and foot. Cooked terrific dinners and done laundry, kept the kitchen cleaned and living room. No he is not for lease (lol). I also got to spend a little bit of time with my grandbabies this weekend. They are growing and boy are they just so precious. Carter enjoyed them coming over as well gave him someone to play with besides Wayne and I. (lol) I have found that they love to feel important too. He has learned to get a wash clothe and wet it and bring it to me. Makes him feel as though he is helping, which he is. I needed something to drink yesterday and was about to call dad in and he said no don't call Dad, wait just one minute, he left the room and came back with a bottle of water and the biggest smile on his face. God has truly blessed me. So as you can see it was a wonderful weekend.

Today, I feel alot better. My body is sore from being in the bed some moving around should help. I have a breakfast I am going to Downtown this morning to hear a candidate who is running for Governor speak. I have never attended anything like this in the past. I have a feeling I will be doing alot of things that I have never done before. I also have my Mary Kay Happy Hour party tonight and it looks like I have almost 10 guest. My goal is to have 10 there so I am so excited.

I have met so many wonderful people in the past few weeks. Sometimes life seems so hard and sometimes cold but remember there are people out there that truly care. I am so thankful for being able to see it and appreciate it. Have a super Monday!

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