Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday 5/5/10

My Journey Thru -
Well out the door I ran this morning going to meet witht the oncologist today and maybe learn something new. The staff was very nice. The nurse was just as understanding as could be. Meet with doctor and he did his exam. Wayne did get here in time for our consultatin. His findings were the same as the Dr in Savannah. He says the tumor measures about 7 cm and that is of course what is causing my pain. My treatment plan should consist 4 - 5 weeks of radiation daily, and at the end of that time I will have the internal radiation done. This is implanted surgically I will be admitted to the hospital and will under this treatment will not have guest due to the radiation. Again I have been told once I complete this treatment I should be healed. Even though we don't have the PET scan results we would go ahead with treatment unless the results from the PET scan come back something different and then we will have to change our plan of treatment.

He said I could continue with my daily activities just know I will probably not have energy for anything extra. Of course there will be side effects to the treatment but they will give medication as needed and able.

My blood pressure was 144/99 this morning so I hoping that will go down.

Right now I am calming down. Every since I left there this morning, I cannot explain why but know I am just angry. I guess it is a normal emotion. But I will be glad when it leaves. Maybe when I am through with the PET scan today. Just feel like everything in my life right now is on hold and in a complete mess.

I go back Friday to have my simulation visit. That is were they get everything ready for your radiation treatment, which should start next week. I will also meet the Medical Oncologist for my consultation on Friday as well I guess to discuss my chemo. This also happens to be my Son's Field Day at school. So Dad will have to attend this one.

Well I guess I need to go and find something to do (which I have plenty) to keep me busy till time for my PET scan.

I did get to lay down for a few minutes before having to leave for my appt. I arrived at 2 pm (my scheduled appt. Finally got called back at 2:44 to Radiology and was put in the waiting room there, 3:01 called back to have IV port put in, then back to the waiting room. At 3:44 finally going to have PET scan. They injected the medicine into my IV port then took out the port. I then had to sit and wait 45 minutes. There was another lady in there and we started talking then we were told we were not allowed to talk to each other. I never found out why. After 45 minutes I had my PET scan done it looks alot like the CT scan machine you have to lay still and not move, I had to be still for 23 minutes.

Now I have to wait 2 days or more for the results.

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