Friday, May 7, 2010

Journey Through - Friday May 7, 2010

Wayne and Carter were off to school this morning,Carter had field day at school. Me off to the Cancer Center for more new adventures on my journey thru this horrible disease. On my way to the Cancer Center I cried all the way. I don't understand one minute I am fine the next crying. I am still only taking 1/2 of xnax .5. Probably should take the full dose. Just want to be able to do what I need to get done in my (so called) right mindl. My appt was for 8:30 am and I am still waiting for them to call me back. Really no clue yet on what today is all about, they tried to explain to me the other day but I vagley remember. When I get thru with this simulation appt I will meet with the Medical Oconologist. When I am done I am meeting with a dear friend of mine and her 2 sons for lunch. I did watch a couple of good movies last night, the ending of Mama Mia (I love Myrl Streep) then watched the Proposal with Sandra Bullock.

I ordered the movie 'It's Complicated" can't wait to sit and watch this, I also ordered a couple of oldies. Do you remember "Ma & Pa Kettle" I love a good comedy. I believe laughter is good medicine. I worked a little bit last night on my candle stuff for the Peacock Festival Saturday.

I have com to realize appts don't mean anything it is now after 9 and I still have not been called back. So this means my appt at 10:30 will be late as well.

Finally got thru everything a little after 1 pm. Did get to make it to my lunch date. I enjoyed it so much. So good to see friends. Lunch was awesome. Afterwards walked around the mall some.

Going to make the best of these next few days. On Tuesday I will attend a chemo class at 9 am. Then the fun begins on Wednesday I have to be at the Cancer Center at 7:45 am for blood work, then they will start my chemotherapy along with my first radiation treatment. I will be at the Cancer Center for 7 hours every Wednesday. My Radiation treatments are scheduled everyday at 11:45.

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