Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chemo class

Well we (hubby and I) attended Chemo class this morning. Alot of information. They handed me a notebook when I arrived. The notebook had specific information about me in it and of course generic info as well. I learned alot. WBC (White blood cells) they are our bodies Army. They seek and destroy (kill bacteria and cancer cells) They only live 2 - 8 hours. RBC (Red blood cells) are our bodies Fed EX system. Impressive, huh!

Cancer produces an enzyme that can cause fatigue, low energy, nausea and throwing up.

After starting chemo I will have to take my tempature 2 times a day. In the morning and in the afternoon. If my temp reaches 100.6 I have to call the cancer center. They give you so much information on what to look out for, now I understand the notebook. Great resource. The dietician also came in and covered everything about maintaining your weight. Since your immune system is already low from the chemo you don't want to lose weight as sthis will also weaken your immune system. So everything I have been doing for years has just went out the window. No light, fat-free, sugar free, etc.,from now on. They also encourage drinking juice as well.

Well, Tomorrow is the day, this time tomorrow it will all be behind me.

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