Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday May 20, 2010

Today is another beautiful day. Carter has his party at school today. It was so much fun seeing his excitement about today's event. They are going to have a huge waterslide and he had to share with me what he was going to do and I believed him. I had him promise me when he left he was going to have his best day ever, listen and follow all the rules and be safe.

Last night I did not get to sleep until late. The side effects of the medicine. Not complaining though, I got caught up on alot of my scanning. That is the next thing Wayne will learn to do. I just like going thru everything that has been keyed as a double check before it gets scanned and shredded. Old school I know. This morning I woke up and picked up the living room, swept and mopped it. I know I don't need to over do it. The steriods are working and I need them to last. Wayne asked was I going to over do it today. Of course I said "no". Have some shakes and nausea today, if that is all it is a great day. I love feeling like I can walk around the house and not get tired going room to room.

Have to go for my radiation in a little while and maybe visit with my friend if she is there for her treatment. Need to call in and see about getting started on some antibiotics have a little sinus issue going on and don't want it to get out of control.

Will stop back by later. Have a super blessed day.

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mwgrover said...

You seem to be finding your way about adjusting to your treatments. Your medical care team must be a great resource. It makes me happy to see you have friends and family nearby to support you.

I'm so impressed with your upbeat and positive approach and it does inspire me! ~ Mandy