Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Treatment Time"

Arrived at the Pealman Cancer center and checked in at the front desk. The Receptionist is the best. She greets you smiling, just seems so happy and positive. She handed me my necklace, which is basically my nametag with info so I don't have to get a wristband each visit. They took me back for my blood work. Of course my veins wanted to be difficult. She finally was able to get blood but it was very slow then of course it stopped so she had to stick me again. Then I went to a different waiting room and there was a person waiting on her loved one so we engaged in a coversation. Very positive person and I enjoyed talking with her it was just a short time then they left. 9 am and I am still waiting. Did not take my full dose of pain medication was not for sure on taking my medications this morning. I know my pain is just temporary. Praying my body will respond well to todays treatment. I have to say waiting is the hardest part. I am ready to get started. The nurse came out and informed me they were waiting on the dr to call her back my platlet count was 94 and that was low. On Friday it was 118, so immediately I am questioned why so low. A few minutes later she came out and said we were going ahead with treatment. Come to find out the only reason they could think of it being low was because of the blood draw being so slow.
So she went ahead and started my IV. States I probably wont be here 7 hours. We talked about my hair. I told her the Dr in Savannah told me I would not lose my hair. She was not for sure she had only seen 1 person with the same time of chemo not lose theirs. So be prepared. I went ahead and took my Emends for nausea. Radiation came and took me back for my treatment. The people here are so nice and understanding. Radiation department went to work right away double checking my measurements, taking xrays, etc. I all of a sudden felt funny. I thought maybe a reaction to the medication. I of course had probably a panic/anxiety attack. Plus I had a full bladder. As soon as they were through checking my measurements and xrays they let me relieve myself. I felt so much better. The radiation was a breeze. Did not feel anything and it was pretty quick. On the way back to chemo they explained the tatoo's and explained I needed to think about it and let them know.

So now back in chemotherapy and they have given me my pre chemo meds in the IV. So it will not be long for the actual chemo. So far so good. They just came by for my lunch order. Every Wednesday is Turkey on Wheat.

Well I am off for now. Hopefully I will be able to let you know later I am just fine with little to no side affects.

Wow, before 12:30 I think I was done. So far no problems, I say that is awesome and to God be all the glory. Thank you for your prayers and continued prayers. Right now I am very tired, my eyes want to shut on me. Thanks to the Decadron I have a bottomless pit (steriods) Carter's teacher sent home a plate of cookies and they are very good. I am about to move myself to the bedroom away from the temptation. I do need to drink plenty of fluids. So I am working on that. I just received my candlee of the the month "French Vanilla". I will have that to take with me to the Peach Festival this weekend in Morven.

The Cancer Center gave me a book "When Mama Wore A Hat". I will read it, something they gave me to read to Carter since it does look like I will lose some or all of my hair. Well I am going to lay down and rest.


mwgrover said...

Well, let's see if I can post NOW! Blogger was giving me a hard time for some reason. Eh, who can figure. Persistence pays off though!

So how was that old turkey sandwich? It's just now 1pm here - think I should consider my lunch options as well. It looks like this morning's rain showers have moved on, so I'm tempted to go out for something really junky!!!

I wish I could be there with you while you're getting treatment. It always helps to have someone to talk to. I used to visit a former co-worker when she was having chemo at the hospital we worked at - it gave me a little look at what cancer treatment is about.

It is a blessing that you have friends and family as support! So let me know if you need anything.

pinkmk said...

Either I was hungry or the meds were working, the sandwich was pretty good. Thank you for your encouragement and support.