Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 5/19/10

Well 1 week down and 5 to go. Yesterday turned out to be a very good day. I actually felt better. My friend Jenny came over after my radiation treatment and we spent the afternoon together. She also cleaned and decorated my living room. My sister was put in the hospital last night. She does not have enough oxygen in her lungs. I wanted to go and see her today while I am at the hospital but cannot due to my immune system can't be low.

I got a few good tips yesterday on high protein foods.

I am so blessed to have such awesome friends. I am so thankful for everyone and their encouragement. It means the world to me and it does help. When you surround yourself with such wonderful and positive people you don't get the chance to be down, or if you do it is not for long because one of you are going to come right along and pick me up.

My husband - wow, I have been blessed. That is an understatement. You know I have given him such a hard time for 22 years (and still do) but when push comes to shove he has clung to my side and done whatever is needed.

Well I need to get off of here and get ready for my chemo date. Have a super day. I will have my laptop with me.

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