Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday "The Day" 5/12/10

Today is finally here - I start my chemo and radiation. Finally receiving treatment that is going to get this dreadful disease out of me. I spoke with CancerCare yesterday and they asked me who is my support system? I replied my family, friends and of course my Lord and Savior. I could not make it thru this day without all of you! God Bless each one of you today!

I had rec'd a letter from the Vice President of Sales in Mary Kay this week, Gary Jinks, along with that letter was a DVD "With Hope and Courage" I finally watched it last night. It is such an encouragement to me. God has put people in my life at the right time. I needed to watch that last night. Actually I thought this morning I would be so scared I would be sick. I am not. I have peace about me right now. I am going to be cured. What I am doing today is going to rid my body of a horrible disease. There are so many that have gone before me into treatment, I am not the first person. I am going to make the best of today. So thankful I can take my laptop. (Pray they have wi-fi, lol). I know I have this peace today because of everyone God has placed in my life. Your prayers, the encouraging words, your smiles.

I just heard something break on the patio. Sorry I had to get up and look. A squirrel knocked down the light house that was hanging. Anyways.

I will drive myself to the hospital this morning, since I have to be there at the same time Carter has to be at school. Then we will figure out how I will get home. My prayer is of course that I will do just fine with all this medicine that they are putting in me and I will be able to drive.

I have to go and finish getting ready. I will return in a little while once they get me settled in. (depending on wi-fi)

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