Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 5/13/10

Went in for my radiation treatment. Picked out my wig, now having 2nd thoughts on it, but that is okay. My friend was having her chemo today so I sat with her and we had a great visit. I have felt really great today. Left from there and went to the mall to deliver Mary Kay to my customers and dear friends. Ran into my good frined from church we had a great visit. Also, visited with another dear friend of mine that works at the mall. Wayne ended up calling me, he was concerned. When I left the house this morning I was only going to be gone for a little while and ended up most of the day.

While I was at the hospital I told the person in radiation that I felt actually really good today. He informed me that you usually don't have side effects from the chemo until 3 to 4 days afterward. I thought wow, I did not know this and would have to find out what is ahead. So while I was with my friend in chemo. The hospital calls my cell phone and it is the chemo dept wanted to follow up with me and see how I was doing. I asked them about the reaction from chemo that hits about 4 days later, she confirmed and said I could expect my bone morrow suppression, fatigue, shortness of breath, and my wbc to decrease. Wow they know how to bust your bubble huh. I told her I was planning on having a booth at the Peach Festival and she was very hesitant. Said I needed plenty of shade and of course to be careful of any illnesses as my immune system would be week. Also, reminded me to take my temperature.

Now I am home and going to spend some time with the family and see what I can throw together for dinner.

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