Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My After Effects

Okay, so I have been in the bed all afternoon. Can't do much, so tired. My eyes want to close. I actually let them close for a little while. Wayne picked Carter up from school then he went to Publix to pick up my medicine. When they got home they went out on the boat. So I had plenty of time to rest. But I have fought it. I just called the after hours number and spoke with an Medical Oncologist. Very nice, understanding and patient. I have a funny feeling in my chest. Which is more than likely nervousness and anxiety, also a little quesy feeling. He said the chemo would make me tired and probably tomorrow when I wake up I will still be a little tired from it. Told me to go ahead and take my medicine for nausea and he said it would make me sleepy to go ahead and rest.
Wayne is going to get him and Carter some chinese to eat. I had him make me some grits. I know no protein in there, but I am thinking bland right now. I also have a slight headache which that is also a side effect from one of my medicines as well. But these are mild and I am so thankful.

Love my phonecalls and all my messages today.

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