Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have began a new Journey

On April 15, 2010 I received that call that no one wants to receive that started me on my new Journey. My doctor's office called me to give me my results of my biopsy, yes it is cancer. I don't remember much more about the conversation. I thinking not me. The nurse on the other end is explaining the results and then the next step. I needed to schedule a cone biopsy.

A little history, I had been in severe pain since November. Started going to the doctors in December was diagnosed with IBS and prescribed medication that cost $400 and of course the pain was still bad medication did not fix the problem. Continued to go back to the doctors. In January my family and I went to Hilton Head SC and I was misserable because I was in so much pain. My pain was in my left lower back. I would explain I hurt in my back but it is not my back. It is like having a raw sore on the inside. Of course no one listened. I went to the ER in January the dr there was determined to dx with back pain. She failed to take the time to investigate my symptoms - irregular bleeding, difficultly urinating, severe cramping and severe low back pain. She discharged me with degenerative arthritis.

I kept on my pursuit of finding out why I was in so much pain. Every day is a challenge. I also have a 4 year old son. I was finging it hard just to do anything because I hurt or I was tired from not getting any sleep due to the pain.

Finally we have a diagnosis. I have seen a GYN Oncologist who states it is stage 3 endocervical cancer. Good news he says it is curable. I cannot have surgery because it would not give a clear margin away from the cancer. He said I should be starting my treatment this week (this was on 4/27/10) I am to have 6 to 8 weeks of daily radiation also an implant for radiation along with weekly treatments of chemo for 5 weeks. Today is May 4th and of course the treatments have not started yet. I do have my appt with the oncologist tomorrow but it is not to start treatment it is for the assessment. I also will have a PET Scan at 2.

I contacted the Mary Kay Ash Foundation and told them of my diagnosis they sent me back a beautiful email, then not even a week later they sent me a box in the mail full of information. See as of yet no one has really explained to me what is going on except for what I have googled. In this box was literature on Radiation and you, Chemo and you, A Helping Hand Resource guide for people with cancer, What you need to know about cancer and many other items. Also a beautiful heart pin lapel with wings in it.

You have to stay positive when you are given this diagnosis. I have to fight daily with the what if's. I went to my Mary Kay meeting last night. No better place to be except around a group of positive happy people. When I left to come home the pain had hit me so bad I did not know if I was going to make it home.


mwgrover said...

I'm glad you are blogging about this experience. It will help you, but will be a greater help to many others. My prayers are with you, as always!

pinkmk said...

Thank you! I pray through my journey it will help someone else!