Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21, 2010

Good Friday Morning.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day. My day has started kinda slow, which in a way is a good thing. I made it thru the whole night without pain medicine. Woke up at 7:21 am which is awesome, but, I am definitely sick, not bad though. I started my antibiotics last night so hopefully I started soon enough. My breakfast this morning - Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with soy milk (can't handle whole milk) and whole wheat toast with peanut butter, honey and bananas. Hopefully not to much protein. I just want to make sure I don't end up like last week. So I am pushing plenty of fluids. I have my orange juice in the freezer.

Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend. I think I will start working on my crafts more. Looking forward to church Sunday. We have several that will be Baptized. Monday going to an event with a friend of mine in the morning. Then my big event Monday Night - Mary Kay Happy Hour. Will be doing makeovers. I have so many that are helping me reach my goal of 30 faces for the month of May. If you are in the Valdosta Area and do not have a consultant please visit my facebook event page and RSVP or leave me a message. Mary Kay has a new meaning to me they are a company that does so much to help women in so many ways. If you are not familiar with this company I pray you will take some time to find out more about them. There is way more to it than make up.

Enjoy your Friday. I know I am going to. Have a super blessed day.


mwgrover said...

What do you like to do for crafts these days? What's your next project? I do scrapbooking on and off but hope to get into it a little more this year. I have lots of supplies and tools to play with and it's a nice way to extend my interests in photography. I enjoy seeing the pics you post on FB!

~ Mandy

pinkmk said...

I use scrapbooking supplies and make stuff - example an nestle quick container I cover it with scrappaper and modge podge and put neat little things on it and then you have a little keep sake or so. I just play basically. But it is good therapy. You have always loved photography! Glad to see you kept up with it.